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Software Engineer

  • Full-Stack Web Developer
  • Independent Game Developer
  • Mathama-Physics Nerd
  • Reptile Breeder
  • And much more...

Recent Projects:

Clique Book

Primary Backend Engineer, Frontend Developer. An easy-to-use document creator and club manager. Allows creation of a customizable online handbook, member invitation and management, and an auditable signature system. Front end built using ReactJS and Redux. Back End built on NodeJS, Express, and a PostgreSQL database.

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AnB Reptiles

Sole Developer. A fully-responsive informative business website for our family owned reptile breeding and sales operation. Built using ReactJS.

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Addie's Cellular Automata

Sole developer. Built in React. An implementation of Conway's Game of Life and other customizable Cellular Automata. I was looking forward to doing this project in the Lambda curriculum, but they ended up removing it before I got to that point... So I decided to build an extended version for fun!

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The Clumsy Dead

Sole Developer. A computer game built with C# in Unity 3D using a variety of free assets. Face endless waves of skeletons in a battle of life and death! Encorporates collision based combat, spell systems, high scores with a RESTful API, and more...

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One Line a Day - Backend

Back-End Engineer. a RESTful web server designed to support a front-end applications built by various Lambda students. This allows membership and secure storage of journal entries and images. Encorporates use of JSON Web Tokens, BCrypt password hashing, and unit tests for individual routes using Jest and Supertest.

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